About the owner of Baby, go green

Hello there! So glad you “stopped in”!

I’m Marie, a free-spirited mother passionate about all things healthy and good. I’ve always known I would follow in the inspiring footsteps of my parents and siblings who are all entrepreneurs. And so here I am doing what I love, eco-conscious fashion for kids.

My journey leading me here mostly began with our first pregnancy 11 years ago. I started researching how to have an optimum healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. That was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm for learning about a more natural, toxin-free (as possible) lifestyle for myself and my loved ones. In addition, years later, we endured the tragic loss of our baby after I was accidentally exposed to toxic chemicals. Since then we have been even more careful in controlling what is in our home, what is against our skin & what we eat. And now I am SO determined to help other parents create a safe, non-toxic and “green” environment for their littles.

Why should we invest in organic cotton clothing?
Conventionally grown cotton is full of residual pesticides which combined with other hundreds of other chemicals used in the processing doesn’t make for something anyone would want rubbing against their skin or their precious children. And of course what about the farmers and surrounding homes and families that are affected by these pollutants? By creating the demand for more organic cotton we create change that benefits everyone.

Before I decide to carry any product, I scrutinize the company and their ethics, the ingredients, and the production process. They have to be willing to have transparency. I have been so moved by these wonderful families that are behind the goods here and their commitment to your health and the environment!

The baby, go green “eco-mission”: The mission of Baby, go green is to offer an unparalleled shopping experience for parents and gift-givers seeking to create a thoughtful, hip and modern environment for the little “apple of their eyeâ€?. I will continue to personally research and keenly select each item offered. And I will never be satisfied unless you are MORE than pleased with your experience here. I will always do my best to go above and beyond to help my shoppers in any way I can!

If you are the Houston, Texas area stop in to my showroom, I would love to meet you! =)

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